A Brand for the whole family

Threechanskincare is a vegan skincare family business run by a mother of three based in the uk. I make vegan plant based products for the whole family.

It all started when i couldn't find a body butter or cream that worked for my three children all year round come summer winter autumn and spring.

The name threechans is inspired by my three daughters. I have three daughters and all there names start with c.h.a.n  (Chantelle, Chaniya and Chanan)

Being a mum of three children with different skin types proved to be a struggle. I tried so many products I was at my weets end. I've never used one product due to them all having different skin types and It took me a while before i came to the realisation that there's no product that can help me.

After some trials making my own butters and creams I fomulated the right recipe with vegan ingredients and made a line of products it became a personal project now turned a venture. I made butters, soaps,sculp oils, body scrub,face serum   beard oils, clay masks, spa boxes and skin moisturises. 

The body butter worked so well on the girl's skin i hard to share it. I made some for my friends and family to test them out and they were a hit BUT for only children aged four years and older.

My products are hand made from cruety free plant based ingredients like, shea butter, mango butter, ovacado butter, patchouli oil, Vitamin E oil, cocoa butter, ceaderwood oil, teatree oil, ovacado oil, coconut oil,rapeseedoil, lavender oil,  alovera oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and castor oil to name a few. 

We currently have a selection of products

We have, Body Butters, Face and Body Scrubs, Beard oils, Beard Balms, Face Masks, Spa Boxes, Beard Sets, Scrub Sets, Headbands, Eye Masks,face serum and sculp oil, spa sets, gift boxes.